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The programme ended in autumn 2008.

News (last update 2009)

Generations – structures and relationships
Swiss generational report
Synthesis report of the National Research Programme 52
Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello, François Höpflinger and Christian Suter
in collaboration with Philippe Wanner and Stephan Wolf
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Impulses for a political agenda from the National Research Programme Childhood, Youth and Intergenerational Relationsships (NRP 52)

Within the NRP 52 overall 29 research projects were conducted. Their evidence-based propositions for political action in the field of childhood and youth are summarised in the brochure «Impulses for a political agenda».
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The final reports are now available

The initial research projects have been concluded and the final reports are ready. The summaries of the most important results as well as other relevant documents can be found within the individual projects.

Project Alsaker: Pathways to victimation in kindergarten and multisetting intervention
Project Braun: Caring regimes and politicy styles in Switzerland.
Project Buchmann/Fend: Context and Competence: Swiss Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth 
Project Büchler/Simoni: Children and Divorce - Current Legal Practices and their Impact on Family Transitions 
Project Bürgisser: Equality within the family. Longterm perspectives and how children see it
Project Clémence: New forms of authority and regulation of development and socialisation 
Project Eisner: Preventing problem behaviour during the transition from childhood to early adolescence: A semi-experimental longitudinal study 
Project Fibbi: Transition into adulthood of Young People of Immigrant Descent Intergenerational Dynamics and Social Outcomes 
Project Flückiger:Child poverty in Switzerland and intergenerational social mobility
Project Gutzwiller: Parenting Styles: Their Impact in Children's Health an Their Change. 
Project Höpflinger: Children, teenagers an their grandparents.
Project Huwiler: Placement in foster families and residential settings: The helping process and its implications for children, adolescents, and their families 
Project Iten: Demand Oriented Supply management of Extrafamilial Child Care 
Project Käppler: Access to Mental Health Care in Children: The AMHC - Study Concepts of Mental Health and Perception of Services from the Perspective of Children, Adolescents and their Families
Project Leimgruber: Time discipline, its representation and practice an empirical survey of school children's handling of time constraints and its intergenerational effects 
Project Morgenthaler: Rituals and Ritualizations in Families Religious dimensions and intergenerational references 
Project Moser: The Function of Media in Constructing Social Identity in Multicultural.
Project Muri: Public stages and actors Children and youth scenes in Zurich and Zurich North 
Project Oelkers: What determines the relationship between young and old?
Project Perregeaux: The schooling of the first-born child as a start-up mechanism in a new dynamic of acculuration in migrant families
Project Riphahn: Intergenerational Effects on Educational Attainment and Labor Market. 
Project Röder: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to an Archaeology of Children
Project Scheuer: The Effectiveness of Medical Advice via the Internet 
Project Seith: Children an Domestic Violence - A study of their Understanding. 
Project Stutz/Bauer: Inheriting in Switzerland - A socio-economic analysis with special consideration of generational relations

Project Voll: Tutelary Child Protection - Norms, Process, and Outcome
Project Wanner: The living enviroment of children, from birth until leaving the family home

All summaries in one document.
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Portrait of the national Research Programme NRP 52

The profile with details of all projects can be ordered by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
 or Swiss National Scioende Foundation, NRP 52, Wildhainweg 20, 3001 Bern
Profile NRP 52 (download pdf, 2.2 MB)


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